Dark Sky Removed from iOS App Store Ahead of Upcoming Shutdown

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Dark Sky Removed from iOS App Store Ahead of Upcoming Shutdown

The Apple-owned Dark Sky weather app is no longer available for download on the US App Store, indicating that it was removed ahead of schedule.

Apple acquired Dark Sky in March 2020 and has since incorporated app elements into the Weather app available on iPhone (and soon, iPad).

Dark Sky remained available for purchase as a standalone weather app after the acquisition, but the app developer said earlier this year that the Dark Sky iOS app will no longer be available after December 31, 2022.

The Dark Sky blog suggests that when the app becomes unavailable in late 2022, the versions already purchased will stop providing weather data, but as of now the app still works. It’s not entirely clear whether the removal of Dark Sky was actually some kind of error or if Apple just pulled it early.

While the Dark Sky app officially shuts down in late December, the Dark Sky API and website will function until March 21, 2023. Developers using the Dark Sky API can switch to Apple’s WeatherKit API.

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