Customers didn’t expect that

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Customers didn't expect that

In the USA, a manufacturer of smart thermostats simply decided for itself how high the temperature in houses can be. Thousands of customers had to sweat, but the manufacturer sees itself in the right.

Smart thermostats: the manufacturer takes control

Ideally, individually configured thermostats ensure that less energy is consumed. The owners can always decide for themselves how high the temperature is. That’s what customers of the provider Xcel in the US state of Colorado thought, until the smart thermostats suddenly developed a life of their own. During a heat wave, up to 22,000 owners were no longer able to set the temperature as they wished.

The manufacturer Xcel has confirmed the procedure. To protect the power grid during the heat wave, be for a few hours Taken control of smart thermostats been. Affected customers shouldn’t have been surprised either, since according to a company spokesman they would take part in a voluntary program. This program is intended to ensure that the energy grid remains stable even under high loads.

According to Xcel, to convince customers of the program, they will receive a one-time bonus of US$100 and an annual payment of US$25. According to the company, this is the first acquisition of the smart thermostats in six years. This is true “a bit uncomfortable for a short time”, but also “very, very helpful”. Some customers might have simply forgotten that they were participating in the program (source: Denver7 on YouTube).

You can also generate electricity yourself, as our video shows:

Energy consumption too high: manufacturer caps temperature

In this specific case, the heat wave in Colorado is said to have caused an exceptionally high number of households the air conditioning was turned on. Xcel thermostat owners report that they only allow the temperature to drop to 26°C.

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