Crazy gaming monitor Odyssey Ark in hands-on video

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Crazy gaming monitor Odyssey Ark in hands-on video

At the IFA 2022, Samsung presented some innovations from the TV and monitor area. One of them is the Samsung Odyssey Ark: a gaming monitor that grows beyond the heads of its users. We were allowed to take a closer look at the monitor at the IFA. You can find out how we like it in the video.

Watch Samsung Odyssey Ark at Samsung

Odyssey Ark: Monitor with a twist

The Odyssey Ark is a real eye-catcher: With a screen diagonal of 55 inches, the Samsung Odyssey Ark should be significantly larger than what even the most ambitious gamer should have on their desk. Why gamers? With the 4K resolution, a refresh rate of up to 165 Hz and a response time of one millisecond, Samsung positions this monitor primarily for those who pay special attention to fast movements. The frame rate is also not fixed: AMD’s FreeSync is supported, which should ensure low latency. The screen has a VA panel that is illuminated quite evenly with micro-LED technology.

Huge screen with multi-view: Multiple content can be displayed independently on the Odyssey Ark. (Image source: GIGA)

The special trick: the display can be rotated in no time at all. It is well known that PC and console games are not designed for vertical play. This is where the integrated technology of the monitor comes into play. Thanks to the integrated multiview, the monitor can be divided into three vertically and even four horizontally. In addition to the game, there is now space on the same monitor for videos, podcasts, the Spotify playlist or whatever else you like to run alongside the game. In our video you can find out how well this can be controlled, whether you don’t lose track of the size and whether it’s all just a gimmick – even if it’s nice to look at.

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Samsung Odyssey Ark: Pricing and Availability

Watch Samsung Odyssey Ark at Samsung

As expected, the monitor is no bargain: At the time of writing, the monitor is available for pre-order at a price of 2,999 euros, the regular RRP is said to be 3,451.12 euros. Shipping should start in the next few days.

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