Competitor can only laugh about the new Smartwatch

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Competitor can only laugh about the new Smartwatch
Garmin’s Enduro 2 outdoor smartwatch. (Image source: Garmin)

Because of the best battery life of all time: Apple’s smartwatch competitor Garmin doesn’t think much of the Apple Watch Ultra. Unlike Apple, Garmin would count the battery life of its smartwatches in months instead of hours. But that’s not entirely true either, as a look at the details shows.

Apple has just presented its upgraded Watch Ultra with a more durable case and larger display. The battery life, which has been increased compared to other smartwatches from the manufacturer, should also convince customers of the Apple Watch Ultra‌. According to Apple, users can up to 36 hours with normal use expect. The new watchOS 9 power-saving mode should even be possible for up to 60 hours.

Garmin amused by Apple Watch Ultra‌

Garmin’s smartwatch competition launched a verbal counterattack on Twitter. Unlike Apple, Garmin would measure the runtime of its watches not measured in hours but in months (Source: Garmin on Twitter). The manufacturer’s Enduro 2 is then advertised with an attached hashtag.

In fact, the Enduro 2 offers a longer battery life – but months are out of the question here. Garmin itself speaks of “up to 150 hours” with the GPS switched on and additional help via the integrated solar module. Owners have to plug their smartwatch into the socket much less often when some functions are switched off. According to Garmin, one battery charge is enough for one Term of “up to 33 days”.

More about the Garmin Enduro 2 in the video:

Garmin Enduro 2: trailer for the outdoor smartwatch

Apple Watch Ultra better than Enduro 2?

While the Enduro 2 is definitely ahead in terms of battery life, the Apple Watch Ultra can convince in other areas. The display is 1.92 inches (instead of 1.4 inches on the Enduro 2) and also In terms of price, the Apple Watch Ultra is ahead. You can get it for 999 euros, while the Enduro 2 costs 1,099.99 euros in Germany.

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