Cheaters don’t stand a chance anymore – at least that’s what EA thinks

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Cheaters don't stand a chance anymore - at least that's what EA thinks

With FIFA 23, cheating will not be possible from a technical point of view, claims the publisher EA. To do this, the company has developed a kernel-level anti-cheat system for the PC. Fair play should be guaranteed at all times.

FIFA 23: EA declares war on cheaters

Electronic Arts, as the publisher of the FIFA series, is determined To keep cheaters at bay in FIFA 23 as much as possible. At least for the PC version, a new anti-cheat system has been devised that is intended to ensure fair gaming right at the kernel level, i.e. deep down in the system.

The system is designed to prevent that Exploits at the kernel level that cannot be detected by operating system-level anti-cheat tools.

According to EA, the anti-cheat system only active when the game is running. Effects on gameplay are “negligible”. If the game is uninstalled, “EA AntiCheat” will also be removed. The anti-cheat system can be uninstalled manually, but then games like FIFA 23 will no longer be playable.

With EA AntiCheat, the will make his debut at FIFA 23, possible security problems should also be able to be addressed directly. This, in turn, should not only benefit PC players, but also console players if they play matches together (source: EA).

In the announcement, Elise Murphy, Senior Director of Game Security and Anti-Cheat at EA, writes that a homegrown solution to the problem is better than relying on third-party tools. These are described as “often opaque” and would also stand in the way of data protection.

You can see more about FIFA 23 in the official trailer:

EA: Anti-Cheat like other publishers

EA is not the first publisher to rely on such an anti-cheat system directly at the kernel level. Riot and Activision already use similar tools in their games Valorant, Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone.

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