Beware, Fake Sites Under the guise of Selling iPhone 14 Aim for Accounts and Apple ID

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This scheme is called voice phishing or vishingthe fraudulent practice of convincing individuals to call cybercriminals and disclose personal information and bank details through those communications.

Oftentimes, such follow-up pages can “lock” the computer screen, displaying only a threatening message, leaving the user with no choice but to call the scammer’s number.

During the call, criminals will use various social engineering techniques to obtain Apple ID data, personal information, or request a phone support fee, so that they can obtain credit card details.

Olga Svistunova, security expert at Kaspersky said, cybercriminals often monitor new trends much more actively than ordinary users.

According to him, the criminals are constantly looking for something that is popular and will interest people, because it can be used as bait to trick them into entering their credentials or payment data.

“The arrival of the new iPhone 14 is no exception and every year we see an increase in attacker activity around the annual release of the latest iPhone models.”

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