Asking a doctor: What to know about Foreo Bear and micro-current facial devices

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When should I begin using BEAR? Is it for younger or mature skin?

Treatments designed to support skin health and slow skin ageing can be started in your 20’s and 30’s as a preventative approach and in the later years to help to reverse signs of skin ageing, making this a suitable option to incorporate into your beauty routine. As we lose 1-2 % of our collagen stores every year from the age of 20, it makes sense to counteract these changes with treatments that support the skin structure and muscle tone.

Is BEAR safe?

The Foreo Bear can be used as part of your everyday skincare routine. Its design features ensure that you can’t ‘overdo’ things and thanks to its built-in anti-shock system, it is a pain free treatment. Some of the older microcurrent devices can be uncomfortable to use. Foreo has also outlined some steps to follow, such as ensuring that the device is not wet when in use and also that your hands are dry when using it too.

There are certain areas where the device should not be used, for example the breasts, chest, gential region, middle of the neck and also close to the eye (within the orbital rim)
As with any treatment of this nature, you should not use the device if you have angry or inflamed skin and you should also avoid using over raised moles. If you have any metal implants (dental or jaw) the device should avoid these areas too.If you have any implanted medical devices, such as a pacemaker, you should also avoid using microcurrent devices.

Will using BEAR hurt? Why not?

The BEAR has built in safety features that ensures the device can be used safely and is comfortable to use. Most people describe a slight tingling sensation when using the device, which is normal and not cause for any concern. Lowering the intensity may reduce or eliminate this sensation. As the device uses industry leading settings, the treatments are quick and effective with just 2-3 minutes required per treatment session.

What results can I expect from using BEAR; will I see immediate/noticeable results?

Microcurrent devices work in a variety of ways but the aim of them is to help to lift and tighten the skin by stimulating facial muscle contractions. Clinical studies have also shown microcurrent to be effective at stimulating collagen making cells too, so this would also aid the skin benefits of this type of treatment, resulting in smoother, less lined skin. As with any treatment designed to support skin health, a series of treatments would be expected before you would start to see significant results, although I do notice some lifting and plumping with each session.

I personally recommend using this for two minutes daily for six weeks and then move to using it once or twice a week to maintain results.

FOREO, bear, bear mini, review, microcurrent, facial, toning, canada

BEAR and BEAR Mini

Should I use any skincare products to boost the benefits of BEAR?

To complement any rejuvenating treatment device, your daily skincare routine can be a gamechanger. Your AM serum should be antioxidant rich, to protect against free radical damage, with ingredients such as Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Panthenol. Your PM serum should be rich in ingredients that help to build and repair connective tissue, such as Granactive Retinoid and hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and Squalane. These dream team combinations provide your skin with the 24/7 building blocks that it needs to protect the skin, repair damage and boost skin health.

Which is better for me; BEAR or BEAR Mini… does one target certain areas better? Why are there two sizes?

The BEAR mini is perfect for those new to microcurrent devices. It also works well for those smaller, more delicate contours such as the mouth, smile lines and jawline. The Foreo Bear is perfect for those looking for overall facing toning.

Thanks to Dr. Anita Sturnham for answering my questions about Foreo Bear.

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