Apple’s fury, iPhones are imitated and robbed by Samsung et al. All

by -134 Views – On June 29, 2007 or exactly today 15 years ago, Apple officially marketed the first generation iPhone in the United States.

Since then, the iPhone has been called a smartphone pioneer because it became the first mobile phone equipped with a touch screen and supports 2G cellular networks.

During its journey, the iPhone, which is based on the iOS operating system, has many competitors. Mainly from vendors based on Android OS, such as Samsung, for example.

This South Korean mobile phone vendor first launched a touch screen phone Samsung Galaxy on June 29, 2009 or exactly two years after the first generation iPhone was marketed.

The presence of Samsung and other Android phone vendors in the smartphone market seems to bring a nightmare for Apple. The reason is, Samsung and other Android vendors are actually referred to as “robbers” who produce ugly iPhone clones.

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At least that’s what Apple’s Head of Marketing Greg Joswiak said when speaking in the documentary by Joanna Stren from the media The Wall Street Journal.

“They’re annoying because, as you know, they’re stealing our technology. They’re taking the innovations we’ve made and making bad knockoffs,” said Joswiak.

Responding to these accusations, a Samsung spokesman said only that their company is also a pioneer in the smartphone industry.

For example, being the first company to design a large OLED panel display and design water and dust resistance features in smartphones.

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Apple follows Android vendors with big screen iPhones

Currently, smartphone users tend to be polarized into two major camps, namely the iOS and Android camps. In 2019, the Android operating system dominated the mobile market with a market share of up to 87 percent. While the rest or only 13 percent is the iOS market share.

Joswiak said, Android phone vendors became successful because they stole Apple’s technology and embed it on phones with larger sizes.

“They made a bad copy just using a bigger screen. So, yeah, we weren’t very happy,” said Joswiak.

At first, the iPhone was identical with a small screen size, which is 3.5 inches. For example on the first generation iPhone (2007), iPhone 3G (2008), iPhone 3G S (2009), and iPhone 4 (2010).

That’s because the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs is not a big screen phone fan. According to Jobs, large screen phones are difficult to hold and will not be bought by consumers.

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Apple just pinned a 4-inch screen when it released the iPhone 5 (2011).

Unlike Apple, Samsung and other mobile phone vendors released phones with sizes 4 inches and larger from the start. Even in 2011, Samsung has pinned a 5.3-inch screen on Galaxy Note phones.

It turned out that, unlike Jobs’ prediction, the large-screen phone became popular in the market in 2013. In the same year, Apple was reported to be thinking about releasing a large-screen iPhone, because iPhone sales were slowing.

Finally, Apple followed Android phone vendors by presenting three large-screen iPhone 6 series models in 2014 and 2015.

The three models are the iPhone 6 (4.7 inches), iPhone 6s (4.7 inches), and iPhone 6s Plus (5.5 inches). In addition to being the first iPhone series with a large screen, the iPhone 6 series is also predicted to be Apple’s best-selling iPhone line in history.

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Apple sues Samsung, HTC, Motorola

Apple doesn’t just label Samsung and other Android phone vendors as stealing their company’s technology.

The Cupertino, US-based company actually sued Samsung on charges of plagiarism of the interface system.

Apple sued Samsung on April 15, 2011 in Oakland, California, USA, alleging that Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone products were cheating on Apple’s iPhone. In fact, the shape of the Galaxy Tab tablet also resembles the previously patented iPad.

According to Apple, Galaxy phones and tablets that use Google’s Android software are designed to copy iPad products.

After Samsung released the Galaxy Tab in 2011, Apple also accused Samsung of being one of the companies that enlivened the “Year of Cheating” or the year of copy paint in 2011.

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For the lawsuit, Apple received compensation of almost 1 billion US dollars from Samsung.

Around the same year 2011, Apple was also involved in a legal battle with HP manufacturers, such as HTC, Motorola, Amazon, and Nokia, as compiled from PhoneArena, Wednesday (29/6/2022).

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