Apple Watch Ultra Praised by Watch World Tastemaker John Mayer

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Apple Watch Ultra Praised by Watch World Tastemaker John Mayer

The Apple Watch Ultra has been backed by renowned American musician and watch collector John Mayer, who has showcased the new device on his Instagram account.

“Been wearing the Apple Watch Ultra‌ for a week…and it’s great,” Mayer wrote above the photo of the watch. “The first Apple Watch that excites me as a mechanical watch collector.”

“It’s loaded with capabilities and what I call ‘aspirational functionality.'” Mayer went on to name some of his favorite features, including GPS tracking, depth meter, dive computer, siren to call for help in an emergency, and Night Mode.

“This is a camping/hunting/outdoor adventure powerhouse,” he wrote in a later post. “Not #advertising. I just like what I like.”

Grammy award winner Mayer is considered the most influential watch collector in the world, and is responsible for increasing the value of every watch he is seen wearing in public, and about the watch he writes in his column for a horology website. Hodinkee.

Mayer’s influence is unlikely to have the same effect on Ultras, which may be sold in the millions, but as GQ noting, his endorsement alone “may be registered as a fairly large earthquake in Geneva” and would be a “big deal” for anyone with a passion for Swiss watches and statement watches.

Apple has been courting the luxury watch world since 2015 when it launched the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition, which costs over $10,000 and is available in limited quantities.

Unfortunately for Apple, sales of gold Apple Watch Edition units were reported to be under the tens of thousands and the line was discontinued in September 2016 after just 16 months. Funnily enough, the model is now stuck on watchOS 4 and below.

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