Apple urges Samsung and LG to make tough screens for folding iPhones

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Apple urges Samsung and LG to make tough screens for folding iPhones – Apple asked Samsung and LG to make a tough hybrid OLED display for the foldable iPhone. Apple’s request for a tough screen is intended so that it doesn’t leave marks when the phone is folded.

Launching Apple Insider, Tuesday (6/9/2022), Apple is developing folding screen devices such as the iPhone Fold to the iPad. Now the device will use a folding screen panel that is already on the Galaxy Z Fold.

But the panel is considered to cause crease marks that can damage the appearance of the device. That’s why Apple wants those little wrinkles to disappear when the device is released.

iPhone illustration. [Daniel Romero/Unsplash]

Rigid regular OLED panels use glass as a substrate which is usually inflexible. While flexible OLED panels tend to use a plastic substrate that is also wrapped in additional protection.

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Now this hybrid panel will use glass and plastic for the OLED, which also uses the thin film encapsulation method.

Another problem is in production, where Polyamide varnish is placed on a glass substrate. The glass is then removed using a laser to create a plastic coating.

But the plastic layer can be warped by the heat of the laser, creating crease marks.

iPhone screen. [Shutterstock]
iPhone screen. [Shutterstock]

To address this, Samsung Display and LG are developing ultra-thin glass substrates that can be used in hybrid OLED panels. This substrate is 2nm thick instead of the usual 5nm, which makes it more flexible.

However, because this is still in the development stage and not ready to be commercialized, this screen technology is considered not to be available to Apple in the next few years. But this hybrid OLED screen is claimed to be suitable for folding screen devices such as the iPad Fold later.

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