Apple Seeds Second Public Beta of iOS 16.1

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Apple Releases First Public Beta of iOS 16.1 With Clean Energy Charging, Live Activity, and More

Apple today seeded the second beta of the upcoming iOS 16.1 update for public beta testers, with the beta coming one week after Apple seeded the first public beta. Apple has also seeded a new public beta of iPadOS 16.1.

Public beta testers who have signed up for Apple’s free beta testing program can download the iOS 16.1‌ beta over the air after installing the appropriate certificate from the Public Beta website.

Apple says that iOS 16.1 will introduce Live Activity, an interactive notification feature designed to let you keep tabs on things happening in real time. Live Activity will be available on Lock Screen and Dynamic Island, but you won’t see it in beta as developers are still working on implementing support.

The update includes a Clean Energy Charging feature in the United States that causes iPhones to selectively charge when lower carbon emission electricity is available, plus it lays the groundwork for Matter, a smart home standard that Apple plans to start supporting this fall.

The second developer beta of iOS 16.1 changes the design of the battery status bar icon, adding a visual indication of the charge level. It also changed the battery font, updated the Lock Screen charging indicator, and fixed copy and paste bugs.

Other new features include a uninstallable Wallet app, changes to the Lock Screen customization interface, and more, with details available in our iOS 16.1 features guide.

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