Apple reveals power-saving trick for the professional model

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Apple reveals power-saving trick for the professional model
Apple’s new always-on display in the iPhone 14 Pro (Max). (Image source: Apple)

The new iPhone 14 Pro (Max) is the first Apple cell phone to have a real always-on display. Unfortunately, this new feature also consumes a little more energy. However, if you want to save power, you don’t have to switch off the always-on display completely. With a trick you save energy, but you don’t have to do without the informative display all the time.


The always-on display on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is relatively rich and informative. Even the colors are retained, albeit in a dimmed state. Actually a nice thing, but unfortunately it also consumes a bit more energy, even if the refresh rate of the dynamic display can be reduced to as little as 1 Hz. So how can you save electricity?

iPhone 14 Pro (Max): Disable always-on display only temporarily

Turn off the always-on display completely? A possibility. You can find it directly in the iPhone settings under “Display and brightness”. But then you also lose all the advantages of the informative lock screen in always-on mode. But there is a trick, as Apple reveals in a document (Source: Apple). As a result, there are situations in which the always-on display is automatically deactivated and you can end up saving power.

The entire model range of the iPhone 14 at a glance:

The simplest method: Simply place the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) face down, i.e. the display side. Ergo: turn the iPhone over – done. Alternatively, stow the mobile phone in your trouser pocket or a backpack etc. Even then, the always-on display switches itself off and does not consume electricity unnecessarily. Anyone who knows this trick does not have to do without the new feature completely, but simply deactivates it temporarily.

Other states in which deactivation occurs

There are even more situations where the always-on display will turn off automatically. Apple writes:

  • Sleep Focus is enabled.
  • Energy saving mode is activated.
  • The iPhone is connected to CarPlay.
  • The iPhone is currently being used as a webcam for the Mac.
  • If the iPhone has not been used for a while. According to Apple, the iPhone learns the user’s activity patterns and switches the display off accordingly, for example even if an alarm clock or a sleep schedule has been set up.
  • When a paired Apple Watch is removed from the iPhone, that is, moving away from the iPhone. Important: When you come back, the always-on display comes on again.

As you can see, you You don’t have to completely deactivate the always-on display to save some power depending on the situation – quite clever.

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