Apple lets the competition eat dust

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The global sales figures for PCs and notebooks have fallen again. Lenovo, HP and Dell all suffered heavy losses. Only Apple was able to significantly increase sales and market share by more than 40 percent. The average prices for PCs and notebooks have also fallen.

PC market in a nosedive: Apple still benefits

According to a new analysis by the International Data Corporation (IDC), sales of PCs and notebooks in the third quarter of 2022 dropped by 15 percent compared to the previous year. All manufacturers – with the exception of Apple – are complaining about a downturn. A total of around 13 million fewer devices were sold than before.

HP and Dell were hit particularly hard, where 27.8 percent and 21.2 percent fewer PCs and notebooks were sold in the third quarter of the year. The market leader Lenovo went down by 16.1 percent. However, Lenovo’s global market share is still 22.7 percent, which means the top position.

Within a year, Apple went from 8.2 percent market share to 13.5 percent now. The group was the only manufacturer to make gains, growth is given by the IDC at 40.2 percent. Apple is still the fourth largest manufacturer, but was able to significantly increase the gap to Asus in fifth place.

Apple was particularly involved in the second quarter of 2022 Manufacturing and delivery difficulties to fight. Orders to suppliers increased massively in the third quarter, which can be seen in the figures.

Everything about Apple’s current MacBook Pro in the video:

PC market: Prices have fallen again

According to IDC, the average prices for PCs and notebooks fell again in the third quarter of 2022, as they did in the second quarter. At the beginning of the year, prices were at their highest level since 2004. A lower demand and more offers than before are given as reasons, among other things (source: IDC).

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