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Apple is looking to expand its advertising business on the App Store platform.

Recently, Apple announced that it would add 2 ad slots in the App Store.

Reporting from 9to5mac, these 2 new ad slots will be on the homepage of the App Store ‘Today’ as well as on individual app pages.

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The addition of new ad slots in the App Store allows developers to reach a wider range of users through ads.

Previously, Apple only provided 2 ad slots in the App Store, namely outside the search tab and in the search results section.

However, Apple’s advertising expansion makes the App Store now provides 4 ad slots namely on the homepage, application page, search results, and outside the search tab.

The ad slot on the homepage will be visible in the second slot of the homepage.

Apple notes that the Tabs on the App Store homepage will remain focused on curation and discovery.

The ad spot on the homepage will be clearly marked as an ad using a blue background banner.

Place ads on the homepage will be the most strategic because it is on the first page where the user first opens the App Store.

2 new ad spots on the App Store


2 new ad spots on the App Store

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The new place for the second ad is located on the product page.

This means developers can place ads on product pages for other apps.

The second ad place will be at the bottom of the product page, below the banner section showing other apps from the developer.

Apple mentions that developers won’t be able to target specific apps for ad placement on product pages.

For example, WPS Office cannot target Microsoft Office product pages specifically.

However, Apple ensures that the ads will remain relevant to the product page.

This means that users can see competitors’ ads directly on the page of the application they want to download.

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