Apartment cold, heating expensive? Japan has its own solution

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Apartment cold, heating expensive?  Japan has its own solution

With the kotatsu, the Japanese have had their own solution for driving down the cost of heat for centuries. The modern variant can also be ordered in Germany, but is it really an alternative to expensive gas heating?

Kotatsu: The heated table from Japan

Japanese houses are not known for their good thermal insulation. The walls are thin and classic heating systems have still not caught on in large parts of the country. Nevertheless, the residents are not cold, because with the kotatsu an effective isolated solution has been available for centuries so that you don’t have to freeze in winter (source: Wikipedia).

Conceptually, the kotatsu could be likened to a stove around which the family gathers. But he doesn’t stand in the corner and burn wood – it’s actually one table heated from below, which is extended by a large ceiling. The family sits on the floor around the table and tucks their legs under this blanket, which holds the heat in well. The floor itself is often equipped with tatami mats, which feel warmer than the parquet or laminate known in Europe.

The kotatsu is so successful in Japanthat not only apartments have one. It can also be found in restaurants and even trains sometimes offer the heated table.

Kotatsu on a train in Japan. (Image Source: IMAGO / Kyodo News)

Meanwhile, a Kotatsu also made in Germany. The complete set, consisting of a table, heater and blanket, is not exactly cheap (see Amazon).

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Kotatsu: An alternative to gas heating?

Since the acquisition costs can be quite high, a Kotatsu not always a cheap alternative for gas heating. It is also clear that it is basically a fan heater powered by electricity. Since electricity prices have also risen significantly recently, savings are not to be expected.

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