Amazon makes returns much easier for all customers

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Returns on Amazon for purchases made through the marketplace will be much easier for you. (Image source: GIGA)

Amazon is introducing an important change to returns starting October 31, 2022, which will be a huge relief for you as a customer. It’s about the marketplace, where returns from certain retailers don’t always run smoothly.


Amazon forces retailers to use pre-paid return labels

If you buy something directly from Amazon and then want to send it back, the process is very simple. You register with your account, arrange for the return and receive a prepaid return label straight away. If you buy something on the marketplace from another retailer who may be charging a lower price, returning it is not always that easy. If there are problems, you can fall back on Amazon’s A-to-z guarantee, but this is an additional effort for you and Amazon. This should end on October 31, 2022 (source: Caschys Blog). Then each retailer must offer pre-paid return labels with tracking:

“From October 31, 2022, all sales partners with a standard return address in Germany who sell on must offer either prepaid return labels for a shipping method with tracking or refunds without returning goods for all customer return requests,” says Amazon, among others.

It then basically no longer matters where you buy something on Amazon. If you want to send something back, you must be offered a return label directly via your account. An exception are products with a value of more than 500 euros, where the merchant can review the return and be notified. In addition, for small amounts, the immediate reimbursement of the amount can be arranged without the return.

What you need to know about Amazon Prime:

Amazon increases customer friendliness

This step will certainly not please the merchants on Amazon as much as the customers. Especially if the dealers only do dropshipping as an intermediate station or work from abroad and the return is not planned at all. This makes shopping for Amazon customers much easier and safer.

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