Amazon fixes the biggest problem with the e-book reader

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Amazon fixes the biggest problem with the e-book reader

Amazon refreshes its Kindle product range: the new generation is more expensive, but offers innovations that e-book owners have been waiting for for a long time. Only at the start of sales bookworms have to be patient.

From the digital camera to the mobile game console: In recent years, the smartphone has made many devices superfluous – at least in theory. In practice, however, a device that is perfectly tailored to a specific application is often worthwhile. For many people, e-book readers fall into this category. Market leader Amazon has now presented a new Kindle.

New Kindle: USB C, more memory and higher resolution

The Amazon Kindle 2022 brings many improvements. (Image source: Amazon)

It goes by the simple name “Kindle 2022” and offers several innovations that owners of previous Kindle generations have long wanted. First and foremost is a new charging port that Amazon is giving its Kindle 2022.

Instead of using Micro-USB as before, the new e-book reader now charges via USB C – at last. In many households, the Kindle is now the only device that is still powered by antiquated technology. The fact that Amazon is now using USB C should make everyday life much easier for many bookworms.

The resolution is also new. The makes a decent jump up and now marked at 300 ppi. The previous Kindle offered only 167 ppi. Previously, anyone who wanted a Kindle with 300 ppi had to resort to the Kindle Paperwhite. It costs 50 euros more than the standard model, which is currently sold for 79.99 euros.

The last major innovation concerns storage space. In the entry-level version, the doubled and is now 16 GB instead of 8 GB. According to Amazon, this should be enough for “thousands of books”.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has many facets:

Amazon will begin shipping e-book readers on October 12th

The price that Amazon is calling for the Kindle 2022 has also risen. It goes up by 20 euros, the E-book reader starts at 99.99 euros with advertising on the home screen. If you want to do without it, you have to pay an additional 10 euros. The new Kindle can be pre-ordered now (view at Amazon), and will be delivered from October 12th. The e-reader is available in black or blue.

Kaan Gurayer

Well done Amazon! The new Kindle should hit like a bomb. The 20 euro surcharge is quite steep these days. But the added value with USB C, the higher resolution and twice the storage justifies the price increase.

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