All iOS 16 Features You Won’t Get Until The End of This Year

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All iOS 16 Features You Won't Get Until The End of This Year

There are usually some features that Apple can’t complete before the first official release of a major new version of iOS, and this year seems no different, with a total of nine iOS 16 features now confirmed not to be present in the first public version of the new OS.

Last year, SharePlay, Digital ID in the Wallet app, and Universal Controls were among a plethora of features in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 that weren’t available in their initial releases, taking several months to deploy to users.

Apple previewed each of the following features after announcing iOS 16‌ at WWDC earlier this year, but they won’t be coming to iOS 16.0 when it’s released to the public tomorrow:

  • Live Activities: Follow activities happening in real-time such as sports matches or sharing a ride just by looking at the Lock Screen. Third-party apps and App Clips can implement support thanks to the Live Activities API.
  • Game Center SharePlay Support: Games that use Game Center multiplayer support have SharePlay integration. You can automatically start playing with friends on FaceTime calls.
  • Game Center Contact Integration: Contacts shows your friend’s Game Center profile. Tap to see what they played and accomplished in the game.
  • Support for Material: A new smart home connectivity standard that allows compatible accessories to work together seamlessly and across platforms. Matter allows users to choose from more compatible smart home accessories and control them with the Home and Siri apps on Apple devices.
  • Updated architecture for Home app: Improvements to the underlying architecture of Home applications to enable faster, more reliable performance and increased efficiency, especially for homes with multiple accessories and multiple controller devices.
  • Freeform app: A new digital whiteboard app with a flexible canvas for diagramming projects, combining important assets, and brainstorming, with real-time collaboration features and rich multimedia support.
  • iCloud Shared Photo Library: A new option in the Photos app to let users create shared photo libraries and invite anyone with an Apple ID to view, contribute, and edit them, including liking images and adding text. There are no restrictions, and all participants have the same permissions, making it ideal for families.
  • Share key: Ability to securely share keys in Apple Wallet via messaging and Mail apps.
  • Easy Shortcut Settings for iPhone 8, iPhone‌ 8 Plus, and iPhone‌ X: Siri‌ can run shortcuts from installed apps without any setup process (will be available soon for newer devices without delay).

The iCloud Shared Photo Library was the latest feature to be delayed following Apple’s “Far out” event earlier this week, but all other delays were noticed in the early preview of iOS 16‌ at WWDC.

Apple says that all of these features will come in an update to iOS 16‌ later this year, but hasn’t offered a more specific timeframe for any of them. After months of beta testing, iOS 16.0 will be officially available for download on every compatible iPhone‌ tomorrow. For a detailed breakdown of all the new features in iOS 16‌, see our comprehensive overview.

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