Aldi is selling a small gas cooker for on the go next week

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Aldi is selling a small gas cooker for on the go next week
Aldi sells a small gas cooker in its online shop. (Image source: Enders/Aldi)

Should the power fail, the kitchen appliances will no longer work and you will no longer be able to cook food. For this emergency or for camping, it is worth buying a small gas cooker, which you can then use. An Enders gas cooker will be available from Aldi next week.

Aldi sells a small Enders gas cooker for 50 euros

If you are currently looking for a small and mobile gas cooker that you can use in an emergency or on the go, then you should take a look at Aldi’s online shop on October 17th. There he will Enders “Nelson” camping stove sold for EUR 49.99 (look at Aldi). In addition, there are 4.95 euros in shipping costs, which Aldi recently charges in the online shop. So you end up at 55 euros and don’t have any gas cartridges yet. The Amazon offer for just over 50 euros with eight gas cartridges seems more attractive (look at Amazon).

You can cook on the go with the small gas cooker from Aldi (Image source: Enders/Aldi)

The small Enders gas cooker can of course be of a slightly higher quality. Enders gas grills are at least often very high quality and last a long time. Here you probably pay a little more for better quality. According to Enders, you can use pots and pans with a diameter of up to 26 cm. The power is given as a maximum of 2.2 kWh. With a gas cartridge under full power you can cook for about 85 minutes. Most of the time, however, the full power is not necessary and you can last much longer. You can buy suitable gas cartridges cheaply on Amazon (view at Amazon).

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Small gas cooker can be used in many ways

Small gas cookers are not only useful in emergencies, but especially when camping or at festivals if you want to prepare something warm to eat there. You always have your independent cooking area with you and are not dependent on other sources.

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