AirPods and Mac accessories only with USB-C

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In addition to MagSafe, charging AirPods should also be possible via USB-C. (Image source: GIGA)

According to reports, Apple wants to make the switch from Lightning to USB-C for its AirPods and various Mac accessories in 2024. With the iPhone, the change could come earlier to avoid fines from the EU.


Report: Apple plans to switch to USB-C by 2024

Apple insider Mark Gurman describes in his latest “Power On” newsletter at Bloomberg that Apple has decided to say goodbye to the Lightning connector. According to him, the group will the switch to USB-C by 2024 at the latest create. Specifically, he names AirPods, or the charging case for the wireless headphones, and Mac accessories. By 2024, Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad will have USB-C for charging.

For the iPhone, Gurman is even assuming 2023. According to him, already the iPhone 15 range completely to USB-C set instead of Lightning. The background is likely to be the EU’s efforts to enforce the USB-C obligation without restrictions as early as autumn 2024. If Apple were to only switch to the iPhone 16, the switch might be too late and Apple would have to prepare for fines.

However, Gurman describes in his newsletter that Apple nevertheless Future does not see USB-C. The connection would “not necessarily” be available from Apple longer than was the case with previous connections. Rather, Apple’s future is wireless (source: Bloomberg).

USB-C offers a number of advantages. More about this in the video:

EU: USB-C mandatory not only for iPhones

Even if iPhones are at the center of the discussion about the USB-C obligation, the EU directive goes much further. From autumn 2024, not only smartphones, but basically all chargeable electronic devices should have the standard charging connection. This includes headsets and mobile loudspeakers, but also e-book readers, navigation systems, mice and keyboards. Laptop manufacturers are given a grace period until spring 2026.

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