After Gamescom: These games just have to be awesome

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After Gamescom: These games just have to be awesome

Gamescom brought us fresh trailers for some of my favorite upcoming projects. Fantasy action fans – yes, I’m in on that – are in for a treat in the coming months. Those are my highlights.

A comment by Felix Gräber

Where Winds Meet: Ghost of Tsushima in China – with plenty of monsters

Gamescom is back and with it comes prestigious title premieres, new trailers for already well-known and, in some cases, long-awaited games. One title in particular caught my eye, but unfortunately not only positively. We’re talking about Where Winds Meet:

The action RPG is reminiscent of Ghost of Tshushima with its Far Eastern setting, but takes place in feudal China instead of the Japanese Empire. Apart from the Asian romance, which is presented in a visually stunning way – a big plus for me – the two games apparently don’t have much in common. While you saw more or less realistic human opponents in front of you in Ghost of Tsushima, you draw going into battle as a swordsman against demons and other supernatural beings in Where Winds Meet – both work great for me.

In terms of content, Where Winds Meet is closer to the Nioh series or my personal first digital excursion into Asian fantasy worlds: Genji – Dawn of the Samurai on the PlayStation 2 was a real eye-opener for me and proof of what games can do. So I have high hopes for Where Winds Meet. The only drawback from my point of view: although the background to the game is hardly known, the signs are so far but on a PC-exclusive title. I would have preferred to see it on my PS5.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Harry Potter Game I’ve Been Waiting For

Definitely for the PS5 there will be Hogwarts Legacy. After the disillusionment of another postponement, at least we have one get a new insight into what awaits us in 2023:

In the open world title from the Harry Potter world, you decide for yourself which side you want to find yourself on. Until the time comes on February 10, 2023, you can still consider whether you would rather practice an unforgivable curse yourself or get it.

Lies of P turns the Pinocchio fairy tale into an AAA title

Another fantasy title picked me up: Read of P like Hogwarts Legacy is no longer a novelty, but there is now a deeper insight into the gameplay – and it’s fun. In the Soulslike you slip into the role of P – short for Pinocchio – and go in search of Master Geppetto. Sounds rather lame, but don’t worry. This game has nothing to do with the Disney classic:

Rather, you must see yourself as a doll-human hybrid battle through a steampunk city that just seems crammed full of sinister machines, who certainly do not wish you any good. Fans of the Souls series should get their money’s worth, the only question is whether Lies of P will also get the famous extreme level of difficulty. In any case, the setting and the first glimpses of the gameplay point to a title that I definitely don’t want to miss.

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