Add music – here’s how

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Add music - here's how
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iMovie lets you create and edit videos on iPhone. Various functions are available to you. You can also add music to the video.

With the right song, for example, the holiday video can be accompanied or the dramaturgy in the film can be increased. You don’t need long exercises for this. Importing music into iMovie on iPhone and Mac is quick and easy.

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iMovie on the iPhone: Create a video in no time, that’s how it works

iMovie: Add Music (iPhone & iPad)

The prerequisite is that the corresponding songs are in the music library and are saved on the device or in iCloud Drive. To add music to iMovie:

  1. Starts in new project or open an existing video in iMovie.
  2. Press on the left side plus icon.
  3. In the new menu select “Audio“.
  4. Choose the option “soundtrack“, “My music” or “sound effects“.
  5. Tap on an entry to listen to it. On the right you can see how long the corresponding audio file is. Does the sound fit into your video? press the plus symbol. This will add a new audio track to the video.
  6. The audio track will below the video displayed. Tap on them to move or shorten them to a desired position.
  7. Adds optional more sound effects added.

Music files in these formats can be added to the video in iMovie:

If the sound file is in a different format, you can convert it with various tools.

Songs from Spotify and other streaming services cannot be added to iMovie video. To do this, you would have to rip the song as a file, which, however, violates the terms of use of most music services.

Add your own music (Mac)

If you use iMovie on the Mac, you can also add music to your video there:

  1. open yours video project or create a new one.
  2. On the finder search for the desired music file.
  3. Click and drag them Drag and drop into the video window.
  4. Now you can Edit audio track and vote on the video content.

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