A Skier Accidentally Triggers iPhone’s Crash Detection Feature

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A Skier Accidentally Triggers iPhone's Crash Detection Feature

The Crash Detection feature built into iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and new Apple Watch models is causing skiers to accidentally call emergency services, according to a Utah news site KSL.

Designed to call for help when a car crash is detected, the Crash Detection feature can be activated at ski resorts, and operators of Summit County in Utah have seen an increase in 911 calls.

“We will get calls saying that the owner of this Apple Watch or iPhone has had a serious accident or they have been involved in a car accident,” said Suzie Butterfield, supervisor of the Summit County Dispatch Center. KSL.

With so many activations, people don’t respond at first because they don’t realize that the call has been made. “They’re usually like, ‘Oh, sorry, I’m skiing. Everything’s fine,'” says Butterfield.

Three to five emergency calls from Apple devices come in per day, and so far, none have been intentionally activated. Butterfield says he doesn’t mind accidental calls because the feature can be useful in a real emergency situation.

Reddit users have confirmed that skiing can trigger the Crash Detection feature, with one user explaining that he was going down a hill at a moderate speed when his Apple Watch started dialing 911.

You may want to turn off damage detection on your iPhone 14 if you ski at any speed. I went out yesterday for the first time. I kept my phone in my pocket and coasted the Tinkerbell at moderate speed doing a few short radius turns on my second lap of the year. To give you an idea of ​​how moderate it is, I just went through a slow sign with 3 security patrols nearby and not one of them raised an eyebrow at me! I stopped to wait on my wife and my phone immediately started screaming “Have you had an accident? We’re calling emergency services in 20 seconds! Woop! Woop!” I turned it off as fast as I could and then immediately turned off all the emergency notification functions.

In addition to Crash Detection on the ‌iPhone 14‌, Apple Watch Series 8, new Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra models, there is also a fall detection feature on various Apple devices that also has the potential to cause an emergency call. .

Butterfield says he doesn’t recommend turning off the security features of ‌iPhone‌ and Apple Watch. “We don’t mind taking those calls because if something does happen, we want to be able to get back to you,” he said.

The Crash Detection feature in the new ‌iPhone‌ and Apple Watch models has also been hit by a rollercoaster, and just today, Apple released the iOS 16.1.2 update which includes “Crash Detection Optimization”. Apple hasn’t provided any information on what this means, but it’s likely aimed at reducing accidental triggers where there haven’t been actual car accidents.

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