A practical helper reveals what games consoles and TVs really cost you

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A practical helper reveals what games consoles and TVs really cost you

Not only gas prices have been shooting through the roof for weeks and are making many Germans worried about the winter. The price of electricity has also been on the move for a long time and is climbing and climbing. Anyone who is looking for savings potential in their own household, but is not really familiar with kWh and energy labels, can use a simple online helper.

Compare electricity costs per device: You need this data

Whether refrigerator, television, kettle or game console, we cannot do without electricity in modern households. It is particularly bitter for many consumers when the prices for household electricity rise sharply, as is currently the case. With many of the Electricity price shock not even arrived, experts expect the big hammer in 2023.

But how much do all the devices actually cost you? From the PC, which runs practically all day in the home office, to the particularly expensive refrigerator, to the smaller consumption of mobile phones or the smart home center, a lot comes together. It is often difficult to survey these especially because when you buy it, it doesn’t say anywhere: This device costs you so many cents of electricity per hour.

Calculating the costs yourself is actually not difficult, but often involves a lot of effort. In addition, the consumption of your devices can vary, depending on how intensively they are used or which settings you have made. A reliable method is a socket with an integrated electricity meter. This allows you to determine the actual consumption (view at Amazon).

Electricity meter for socket electricity meter, energy cost meter electricity cost meter power consumption

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You can also get a good overview with the help of the manufacturer’s information without having to spend extra money on a measuring device. From the fridge to the cell phone you can usually find consumption information for your devices directly from the manufacturers. Many products must be equipped with the EU energy label, on which the average annual consumption is mandatory.

Practical helper reveals what costs you PS5 and Co. in operation

Once you have this information, you only need your current kWh price, which you can find on your electricity bill or in the contract with your provider. With this data and a rough idea of ​​how long you use a device, you can Electricity cost comparison from electricity consumption info.de use. With this information, you can just as easily calculate for yourself how much electricity each device will cost you. In the case of electricity consumption information, however, the portal does the math for you.

For example, for the PlayStation 5 – unfortunately the top power guzzler among game consoles – you will find consumption data between less than 100 watts and even up to 225 W at the top. How much it actually is in each individual case depends, among other things, on Which model do you have, which features you use and in which mode you operate the PS5. Even the choice of game can make a significant difference because different games put different demands on the console. It also depends on whether you’re playing next-gen games or older ones, which usually draw less power.

You can’t use a PS5 without a TV either. This consumes different amounts of power depending on the size, brightness and special functions such as HDR. This has an additional impact on the costs of gambling.

If you produce some of your electricity yourself, you don’t need to worry as much about rising prices:

An example: If you gamble on your PS5, model CFI-1116A, Marvel’s Spider-Man in the PS4 version, the average consumption is 104.7 W according to Sony. With this consumption and a kWh price of 39 cents, it costs you three hours of playing time 12.2 cents. Suppose you play as much every day for a year with the same consumption you will have to pay 40.88 euros for the electricity.

Three typical PS5 games, on the other hand, result in an average consumption of 199 W for the PlayStation 5. There you have completely different costs. Three hours then cost 23.3 cents, which is added to the yearly rate 85.05 euros to book.

High electricity costs? You should take a closer look at these devices

Remember, if you’re not accurate with an ammeter, these calculations will only give you approximate values. But you can also understand, for example, how much an increase in the kWh price affects your electricity costs per device and such compare when you buy a new device. The calculation aid can be a practical support in everyday life.

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