5 World Technology Companies that Produce Their Products in China, from Apple to Toshiba

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There are at least five technology companies that manufacture their products in China. One of them is Apple. DOK Ist .’s photo

JAKARTA – There are at least five technology companies that manufacture their products in China. As one of the developed countries, China has a fairly strong influence in relation to various fields.

One of them is the economic sector. Noted, quite a lot of big companies that also produce various products in China, including technology companies though.

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In this case, there are several reasons underlying these companies to open their manufacturing plants in China. One of the most common is because Beijing itself has the availability of raw materials for its product components.

Here are five world technology companies that manufacture their products in China:

1. Apple

This brand is certainly quite familiar to some people. The company from California, America is known to do most of its production in China. Quoted from the Ejet Sourcing page, there are several underlying reasons.

First, this cooperation is considered mutually beneficial for both Apple and China itself. To note, there are about 46 percent of Apple’s suppliers who are Chinese manufacturers and companies.

Then, Apple’s production costs in China are cheaper. To note, the average working wage in China is relatively lower when compared to the US. Therefore, they can reduce production costs but continue to generate large sales margins.

Apart from that, another reason is that most of Apple’s parts are made in China. Not only that, the Bamboo Curtain Country is also known as one of the largest Apple product markets in the world.

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