20 GB for €25 a month + free Amazon voucher

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20 GB for €25 a month + free Amazon voucher

For a short time, Congstar has a really good tariff bargain in stock in the Telekom network. For 25 euros a month you get 20 GB of LTE data volume including an all-network and SMS flat rate. In addition, there is 5 GB more data volume per year. We have all the details for you.

Congstar: Special telecom mobile phone tariff at a bargain price

At Congstar you get a special all-round carefree tariff in the Telekom network. The highlight: In addition to an all-network and SMS flat rate with 20 GB of data volume, you get every year after 12 months 5 GB additional data volume free of charge. The tariff costs 25 euros a month plus a one-off connection price of 15 euros for a 24-month contract period or 30 euros for a monthly cancellable tariff (view offer at Congstar).

You can only do this for a short time BestChoice voucher worth 25 euros to back up. You will receive the voucher after the successful conclusion of the contract and can use it to shop at numerous major retailers, such as Amazon or Rossmann.

All important details of the tariff at a glance:

  • Provider: Congstar
  • Network: telecom
  • 20GB LTE data volume (max. 50 MBit/s)
  • Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • EU roaming included
  • VoLTE, WLAN Call and eSIM possible
  • 24 month term, 1 month notice period
  • Basic fee per month: 25 euros
  • Connection price for (one-off): 15 euros with a 24-month contract period or 30 euros without a contract period
  • 10 euros bonus for phone number portability
  • 5 GB more data volume for free every year

You can find out how you can calculate for yourself at any time whether a tariff deal is worthwhile in our Video:

For whom is the cheap tariff in the Telekom network worthwhile?

The campaign is worthwhile for everyone who already owns a smartphone and a cheap tariff search for it. With the data volume increasing by 5 GB every year, you are on the safe side here, for example if more 4K streaming via the mobile phone network is added in the future. Even if their value is very well developed in rural areas telecom network the offer is worthwhile. Tariffs in the Telekom network directly from Telekom usually offer higher speeds and 5G, but are many times more expensive.

The Congstar offer is a pure one LTE tariffbut with VoLTE, WLAN Call and eSIM is very well equipped. With the included 25-euro voucher you get a monthly Effective price of 24.58 euros Out.

If you prefer a tariff with a smartphone, we recommend this offer with 6 GB LTE for 14.99 euros per month at Saturn:

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