10 Examples of Inspirational Business Domain Names [Complete with Tips for Choosing Them!]

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One of the first steps to starting a business venture is to choose a business website domain name. However, choosing a business domain name is not easy, you know . But, calm down… In this article, we will provide examples of business domain names that you can use as references.

Maybe you’re wondering, why choosing a business domain can’t be taken lightly? As well as potentially unattractive domain names to consumers, if you don’t do your research properly, you could be in trouble with the law too!

Wow, why do you think so? Well, you can get the answer in this article. Come on, just scroll down!

As an online identity, using the right business domain name is important. What if you yourself are confused to choose it? Don’t worry, we will provide examples of business domain names for your inspiration.

In this article, we also share tips for choosing a good business domain name. That way, it can help you attract the attention of consumers, and not cause you to face legal consequences. How come?

In order not to be even more curious, let’s scroll down for a full explanation! 

10 Examples of Interesting Business Domain Names

Here are ten examples of business domain names to inspire you:

1. Researchgate.net

The first example of a business domain name is Researchgate.net. ResearchGate is a platform to share theses, theses, and research journals. 

Who doesn’t know ResearchGate? Because of its popularity, the website has now netted around 20 million researchers with their various scientific works. 

That’s why Researchgate.net is a good example of a business domain name. What is the reason? 

The name ResearchGate describes the services offered by the platform, which is to become a gateway for access to research around the world. In addition, this name is also in accordance with the company’s mission to provide space for researchers to more easily find and share research reports. 

In addition, the use of the .net (network) extension, which means the network is also in accordance with the interactions that occur at the ResearchGate.

If your business has a common niche, i.e. various documents with platform users or something like that, this can be an example of a good business domain name.

2. Emirates.store

sample business domain name emirates.store

The next example of a business domain name is the official online store website of Emirates, an international airline based in Dubai. 

Instead of using a business domain name that denotes an online store, such as emiratesstore or emiratesshop, Emirates chooses to use only the brand name. Then, use the .store extension to indicate the type of website. 

With this strategy, the brand name can be read more clearly. This is certainly a clever strategy to introduce their official merchandise online store , which sells clothes, toys, and school supplies. 

Can be an example of a good business domain name inspiration, right?

3. Theindustry.fashion

Sample Business Domain Name Theindustry.fashion

The Industry is a media that provides content about the world of fashion, including news, insights , podcasts, to live events. Their website uses theindustry.fashion domain.

Theindustry.fashion domain can be an example of an inspiring business domain name. First, his name which is easy to spell will stick in the memory of the audience. Second, the use of the .fashion extension makes the domain look different than if you use theindustryfashion.com, for example. 

Well, this business domain name is also followed by the use of the .fashion extension which is certainly in accordance with their business niche . 

4. Dailysocial.id

Sample Business Domain Name Dailysocial.id

Dailysocial.id is an online media that focuses on providing information, opinions, and technological discoveries. The business domain name used is also quite appropriate. Why is that? 

The business domain name dailysocial.id was chosen because this website provides daily news. In addition, the business, lifestyle, and technology news niches are represented by “social” which is their brand. 

Not only that, the .id extension shows that this website is indeed based and targets an audience in Indonesia. Interesting right?

So, did you get the idea from this business domain name example?

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5. Ruangguru.com

Examples of Ruangguru.com Business Domain Names

If you have an online education or learning website, Ruangguru.com can be an example of an inspiring business domain name. 

Why is that so? This startup which is engaged in non-formal education provides a Learning Management System (LMS) so that students can study online. 

So, so that it seems as if it becomes an inseparable part of student learning activities, Ruangguru.com was chosen as the website domain. So, the Ruangguru brand will be increasingly recognized as an online tutoring service. 

Interestingly, the learning website offers a variety of materials that are no less complete than formal learning. In fact, the types of material vary, ranging from learning videos, private lessons, online test trials, and so on. 

6. Paulocoelho.com

Paulocoelho.com Business Domain Name Example

Is your business a professional service that you are currently working on? The following examples of business domain names are worth knowing. 

Paulo Coelho is a book author who uses his own name as a brand. Paulo Coelho uses his official website, not only to promote his books, but also as a showcase for the books he has written. 

Choosing a business domain name using your own name such as paulocoelho.com will make it easier for you to own a domain. Because, it will definitely be available according to your unique name.

7. East.vc

East.vc . Business Domain Name

East Ventures is a business finance company, primarily a startup . The domain name they use, namely east.vc, is very inspiring. 

First, East Venture does not use the eastventurecapital domain name with an additional extension behind it. The company chose the .vc extension to showcase their brand as a venture capital.

Although the location does not match the target audience, namely Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the .vc domain extension is enough to show the identity of their business niche.

8. Techcrunch.com


TechCrunch is a fairly popular digital magazine focused on technology and startup companies Choosing a fairly standard techcrunch.com domain can be an example of a good business domain name. 

First, the .com extension is certainly common in the minds of internet users. Second, the use of a unique techcrunch brand name will make it easy for the audience to remember it. Moreover, the presence of the word “tech” directly indicates that this website will be about news about technology for readers.

9. Redhill.world


This example of a business domain name is unique. So, we added Redhill.world to the list. 

Yes, Redhill is a business agency company that helps companies around the world to thrive. Both in terms of design, marketing and others.  

Their business name is inspired by the legend of Bukit Merah from Singapore. The story of the clever and brave children who were able to save Singapore became their passion to help the business grow. 

Well, because their target audience has grown, then the .world extension is what they use. The extension is able to show the business expansion they have done. 

10. Growth.design


An example of an inspiring business domain name this time is growth.design. This website provides case studies of design concepts used by well-known brands. 

The hope is that the business owners behind the growth.design website can help designers, product leaders, and marketers grow and develop to be able to build a pleasant experience for customers. 

You can use this domain name to create a unique domain in other business niches, for example .tech, .agency, .clothing, .media and others.

Already know examples of interesting business domain names, right? Then how to choose the right business domain name? 

Let’s look at the tips below.

Tips for Choosing the Right Business Domain Name

After knowing examples of business domain names, what are the tips for choosing the right business domain name?

1. Use a Memorable Business Name

There are several questions you can consider when deciding on a business domain name:

  • Is the name short and easy to spell?
  • Is the name easy to remember?
  • Is the name unique enough?

The questions above will help you in choosing a business domain name. 

For example, use a catchy phrase like runwithus.com for a business that offers athletic footwear. Or, beautytoday.store for online stores that sell skincare products. 

2. Using Domain Extensions According to Your Business Niche

About 46.9% of all domain names use the .com extension. But don’t worry, the good news is, there are more than 1200 new domain extensions that make it easier for you to choose a domain name other than .com . 

You can choose the extensions that are relevant to your business. For example, .coffee for the contemporary coffee shop business, .photography for the type of photography business. That way, it will make your website more unique and attractive to the audience.

For example, themovement.studio uses an extension that suits its business niche, namely people who want ballet dance lessons.

3. Add Business Relevant Keywords 

Including keywords in your business domain name will help you attract your targeted audience. With keywords, you seem to be telling the audience, “This is the product I’m selling …”.

Say you sell vegan specialty burgers. Instead of using the business domain name burger.com, you can use the name veganburger.com.

With the addition of these keywords, you can target a more specific audience which is vegan.

4. Take advantage of the Domain Generator

With over 603 million registered domains, a good business domain name seems to be in use, huh?

Thinking about a domain name manually can take up a lot of your time. Moreover, you have to find a vocabulary that matches and suits your business. 

But don’t worry, you can still get inspired with a domain name generator like Domain Wheel . You will get lots of creative business domain name ideas according to the keywords you enter. 

Generator Nama Domain

For example, when you type the word fashion and click Search Domain, here’s an example of a business domain name you can use.

Domain name options

Another way is to use the EZ Glot tool to search for words with similar endings of syllables, or words with the same number of letters. 

5. Avoid Using Numbers and Punctuation

These are general tips that are also important for business owners. Don’t create a business domain name using numbers or punctuation. Because, it will be more difficult to spell orally. 

For example, the domain name bakery99.store, can be confusing if it is mentioned orally, whether it is written with the number 9 or nine.

Even so, you can ignore these tips if the number shows the brand name. Examples are 24k Design or Es Teler 77.

In addition, punctuation marks such as dashes (-) should also be avoided. Generally, the business domain name is considered a fake or unprofessional website.

Domain names that are similar to other business or brand names can cause problems later on. So, never use such a domain name. 

For example, Facebook had to pay $8.5 million to acquire a domain belonging to the American Federation of Agricultural Bureaus, fb.com. That’s because Facebook wants to use fb.com which is short and shows the brand, but has been used by other parties.  

Changing a domain name in the future can cost you a lot of time and money, which is why you should choose this name carefully. 

To avoid this, you can check the domain name you want on a trademark database website such as Uspto.gov , WIPO , or the Intellectual Property Database .

Own Your Business Domain Name Now!

The decision to build an online business through a website, needs to be accompanied by choosing a good domain name. 

Luckily, we’ve covered examples of business domain names from some of the world’s biggest companies. You can use the examples of business domains above as inspiration, such as domain names researchgate.net, east.vc, to growth.design.

We have also provided various tips for getting the best business domain name. Starting from using a business name, choosing the right extension, to avoiding trademark names.

For those of you who want to start a business, don’t forget to do your domain name research first. You can look back at the sample business domain names above for reference.

Have you got an idea what business domain name to use? You don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to buy the domain before someone else uses it. 

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